What are some of the best travel advice for Morocco? This article will give you a few tips that you need to know before traveling to Morocco. I will also discuss some key features that set Morocco apart and provide you with travel tips to make your trip more enjoyable for desert tours from Marrakech. Morocco is a beautiful country with many people visiting it all year. This is due to the exotic landscapes and its traditional cities. The country’s falls, ports, and massive dunes have captured our hearts.

Morocco is a North African country with a lot of things to do. But what should visitors know before going? What are your best travel tips for Morocco? Learn more about Morocco and what you should do before visiting. While visiting Morocco, we noticed many small and valuable details about everyday life.

As a Muslim country, Fridays in Morocco are holy days like Sundays for Christians. On Fridays in Morocco, families and friends get together to stay home, eat a hearty Couscous and enjoy each other’s company. Many cafes and stores are closed on Fridays until the afternoon. Imagine leaving your hostel one morning in Morocco with a huge appetite and finding nothing open: no open restaurants and no snack shops.

It has happened to me several times, and I always forget to prepare for it in advance. Life in the north of Morocco, especially in Tangier, starts late in the day. It’s hard to find a cafe that serves coffee before 10 AM if you’re a morning person. People also stay up very late. While we stayed at a hotel in the old Medina in Tangier, we heard people talking on the street until 2 AM. It’s safe to say that we did not get much sleep on this night.

In Morocco, people also stay awake very late for Ramadan. Restaurants are open late this month because they can only eat after sunset. Ramadan in Morocco is perfect for those who love a late-night snack. Morocco’s trains are comfortable and super affordable. Trains are also an excellent way to enjoy the Moroccan countryside.

They aren’t fast, but the new high-speed rail link between Tangier Casablanca and Rabat is. This was okay for me since I love learning languages. Long train rides in Morocco allowed me to study Moroccan Arabic more. You can buy train tickets at the train station directly in Morocco. You don’t need to book them online in advance. On the ONCF’s website, you can find information about prices, timetables, and which trains you are taking. Then you can go to the station to purchase your tickets.

Have cash on hand if you plan to purchase your tickets by credit or debit card. Buses are also a great way to travel around Morocco. It’s best to buy a ticket at CTM. Their buses are comfortable and will take you to your final destination without stopping to pick up people. Getting around Morocco by bus or train is easy, but hitchhiking is the most convenient way.

Hitchhiking is possible in Morocco, and it’s super easy. We hitchhiked together and never had to wait more than an hour. We hitchhiked as a couple, and our wait time was almost identical, despite having four people with equal amounts of large backpacks.

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