Whatever the surgery, your mobility will be restricted in the first few weeks following the return home. It’s important that you do not twist or bend your back, nor lift objects heavier than five or ten pounds. This can cause your back to be further damaged and your pain will increase. For a while, you will be unable to sleep, sit down, drive, shower, or even have sexual relations. Follow your doctor’s directions regarding movement to speed up recovery. You may also find these tips helpful

You can expect to experience stiffness and pain in your back after surgery. It may be difficult to sit or stand in a single position for long periods of time. You may need 4 to 6 week to be able to do simple tasks, like light housework. Your back may need 6 to 12 months precio de operación de hernia discal for it to be completely healed.

While your back is healing, you may have to wear a brace. Your doctor might also recommend physiotherapy. You can probably return to work in 4 to 6 week if your job does not require any physical labor. It may take up to six months if your work involves only light physical labor. You will need to look for something else if your work involves heavy physical labour. Training programs can be helpful.

The care sheet will give you an idea of how long you’ll need to heal. Each person heals at their own pace. To get well as soon as possible, follow the below steps. Every day, try to get up and walk. Begin by walking slightly more each day than the previous one. Increase your walking slowly. Walking increases blood circulation and prevents pneumonia and constipation. After surgery, walking may reduce your sore muscles.

Recovery from spinal surgery does not mean you should reduce calories. Instead, it means that they need to be increased. In the days, weeks and months following surgery, your body will go through a recovery period. A high-quality, balanced diet will help speed up the healing process.

Normal to experience nausea in the days immediately following surgery. It’s normal to feel nauseous after surgery, especially when you start pain medication and come out of the anesthesia. This is good because your digestive tract has time to recover. Gas is a good indication that your digestion is working properly. It’s a bit embarrassing but it is a sign. Your medical team may start your recovery in the hospital by gradually transitioning you to a liquid diet. This is a good choice because it’s easy to digest and won’t stimulate your intestines.

If your appetite does not return in a couple of days, you can get nutrition and calories from shakes that are available at many grocery stores. You should be able to start eating normal meals by the time you depart the hospital. Your medical team may give you specific advice on meal planning as you get ready to leave the hospital. However, this slide show explains how to create a general spinal post-op diet plan.

“Some people are tempted to stay still in order not to make the pain worse,” Dr. Shah says. However, if you are a couch potato you will experience stiffness and pain. Ask your doctor about safe activities. Most likely, they will recommend that you walk. Walking can improve your stamina and strengthen while reducing pain and stiffness. Many experts recommend starting with shorter, more frequent walks before progressing to longer daily strolls.

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